Obama establishes lead over McCain in opinion polls

Obama establishes lead over McCain in opinion polls


Washington: With three days left for the US presidential elections, Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama has taken a significant lead over his Republican challenger Senator John McCain in various opinion polls.

In the Gallup Poll Tracking, Obama has taken a 10 percentage point lead against McCain -- 52% to 42% -- in the category of traditional likely voters and expanded likely voters.

While, yesterday’s Rasmussen tracking poll showed that the race was remarkably stable at the national level and in Senator Obama’s favour with 51% to 46%.

And but for Senator McCain’s campaign contention the race has tightened up in the battleground states. Where there are indications that Senator Obama is expected to do better than the expected in some of the critical states in the West and the Mid-West including the battleground areas to post a comfortable victory.

Meanwhile in coffee cup poll, which started eight years ago by the convenience stores chain 7-Eleven, has given Senator Obama a huge 20 percentage point lead over his rival Senator John McCain.

The month-long poll starts with customers selecting the cup blue for Democrats and red for Republicans in which they want to drink their coffee.

The customers have three rows of cups to choose from Obama cup, McCain cup and independent cup for those who are yet to decide. Customer pays for the coffee and the chain tallies the cups selected for each candidate.

It had correctly predicted results for both the presidential elections held since then.