Govt policies have bypassed agri, rural sector

Govt policies have bypassed agri, rural sector


Coimbatore: Policies pursued by successive governments and benefits derived from them have not been ‘inclusive´ as they have bypassed the rural sector, including the plantation industry, Planters Association of Tamil Nadu (PAT) has said.

The agriculture and rural sector were worst-hit by economic liberalization and free trade globalization and the plantation industry was one among them, PAT Chairman, T Jayaram, said.

The plantation sector has been hit both in terms of agricultural orientation and also location, he said.

Addressing the 54th annual conference of the Association last evening here, Jayaram said that if it was a case of ‘India Shining,´ earlier, the country was now surging ahead to become a ‘super economic power´ by the early decades of the 21st Century. In both cases, the focus has been on the urban sector, he said

The urban-rural divide was ever widening, leading to general disenchantment with new policies and social tensions, Jayaram claimed.

Adding insult to injury, the benefit accrued to the urban sector added to costs and contributed to loss sustained by agriculture and the rural sector, aggravating “neglect and injustice" towards them, he said.

“There is a cost transfer arising from the modernization and prosperity of the urban industries to agriculture and the rural sector industries, which are not able to transfer this to the price of their agricultural produce and products," Jayaram pointed out.