Polio can be eradicated from India in two years: WHO

Polio can be eradicated from India in two years: WHO


New Delhi: Despite fresh cases of polio being reported from the capital as well as neighbouring Uttar Pradesh, the World Health Organization is confident that polio can be eradicated from India within two years.

“India has made tremendous progress as far as combating polio is concerned and we are confident that the disease can be eradicated from the country within the next two years," David Heymann, WHO assistant director general and in-charge of communicable diseases told PTI.

“The government’s campaign to battle polio has been a tremendous success," he added. Inspite of the intensive pulse polio campaign, cases of the deadly disease were reported from certain areas in western Uttar Pradesh and Bihar this year.

Margaret Chan, director general, WHO who was on a visit to India last month, met Nitish Kumar, chief minister, Bihar and expressed satisfaction with the progress in combating the disease in his state.

A large chunk of the cases reported this year had been of the P-3 virus, which is the lesser prevalent strain, forcing authorities to rethink on the vaccination strategy.

As P-I is the most virulent strain of polio, the vaccination campaign of the government had focused on the eradication of this strain using the MOPV-I vaccine across the country.