Bank staff plan one day strike on 16 December

Bank staff plan one day strike on 16 December

Mumbai: About 600,000 employees of India’s banks plan to go on a one-day strike on 16 December to protest the move to merge state-owned banks.

“We are against any move for merger and consolidation in the banking industry," C.H. Venkatachalam, general secretary of All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) said.

“We term the move as closure of public sector banks," he said.

“The employees were also protesting the ongoing move to merge State Bank of Indore with its founder State Bank of India, the country’s largest bank," he added.

Earlier, Indian Banks Association, the apex banker’s body, said that it got a notice from All India Bank Officers’ Association and AIBEA informing its members working in state-owned, private and foreign banks would strike work on 16 December.

State-run Corporation Bank also informed stock exchanges normal functioning in bank branches may be affected owing to the strike.