Ahmedabad: In a first of its kind in the country, a linguistic survey has been carried out and printed in Hindi language.

The task of preparing the People’s Linguistic Survey of India was carried out by the Bhasha Research and Publication Centre (BRPC), Vadodara and it was formally dedicated to the nation by the Governor of Gujarat O.P. Kohli on Monday at Laxmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara, BRPC said in a media statement.

While addressing the media in Vadodara, Padmashree awardee and founder of the BRPC Ganesh Devy, a former professor, said that it took four years and 3,000 field scholars to complete the task. Out of 33 volumes, eight have already been completed and remaining would be completed by the end of 2016.

The survey, which was completed in 2013, identifies 860 Indian languages, with Arunachal Pradesh having the maximum.

“As many as 40 crore people in India can communicate in Hindi. We found that Hindi as a language has gained popularity more than English and anything communicated in the language which is popular among the masses, would have a better reception. We wanted to convey the message to the people to preserve the languages and it makes sense if it is told in Hindi," Devy said on the phone.

At least 300 languages are no longer traceable since independence, according to the survey.

It is almost a century after George Grierson’s Linguistic Survey of India that such a survey has been carried out and that too without any support from government agencies, the organization said in the statement.