India supports ’best’ available candidate for IMF chief

India supports ’best’ available candidate for IMF chief

New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said India supports the “best" available candidate, regardless of nationality, as the next International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief.

The top IMF post is lying vacant after the disgraceful exit of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who resigned following his arrest on charges of sexually attacking a hotel maid in New York.

“India’s view is well known...the best available person regardless of nationality should be selected for the prestigious post of IMF chief," Prime Minister Singh said to a question at a joint press conference with visiting German chancellor Angela Merkel in the national capital.

But, Singh said the issue of next IMF chief did not come up during his talks with the German chancellor. “Quite honestly, we have not had any discussion on that," he said.

India and China have indicated that they would seek reform of the top international institutions, including IMF which has been, in past, always headed by an European.