New Delhi: The newly elected Uttar Pradesh government will, in the next six months, work to revamp education, ensuring no child is left behind, offering English in schools from the nursery grade and modernizing the syllabus.

In an interview with news website, chief minister Yogi Adityanath said overall his government will focus on tackling the challenges of “corruption, lawlessness, casteism and the politics of appeasement"; he also sent a strong message to the bureaucracy saying his government will not hesitate to sack non-performers.

Speaking about education, Adityanath said: “I have already asked officials to prepare a roadmap on what they can do in 90 days, six months and one year. We have identified a few things. There are 11 lakh children who are not enrolled in schools. They should be enrolled."

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According to the CM the plan is to provide government schoolchildren with two sets of uniforms, shoes, books and school bags. “We have also decided to introduce English in government schools from nursery. Why should they be made to wait till Class VI to learn the language? From Class III, they should be taught Sanskrit and from Class X they should have the option of learning a foreign language of their choice."

He added that the curriculum of UP’s state education board should be on the lines of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and that the government is exploring how the 16 universities can have a common curriculum.

“The traditional and the modern should blend. We have to be aware of our values and protect them. We should also have an education system which promotes nationalism but which is modern," he added.

Speaking in detail about the bureaucracy, Adityanath said that they will deliver what the political leadership wants them to. “People will have to work for 18 to 20 hours and only then will they be able to keep their jobs. I have to fulfil the expectations of the poor, women, the girl child and the youth," he said.

He added that transfer of non performing bureaucrats was no solution and that the key focus will be accountability and improving performance of the bureaucracy at the highest level.

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The UP government earlier this week fulfilled its electoral promise of providing farm loan waivers. Speaking on the issue in the interview, the CM said that care would be taken to ensure that it does not cause a fiscal strain on the state budget—one way, he said, would be to cut wasteful spending.

“UP needs to focus on law and order, education and economic development. The government has identified these key areas which are also being felt by the people of the state. Government has signalled that it is serious about the future of the state. Both law and order and bureaucracy are faceless and there is no space for caste, or religion and the government has given a clear signal that it wants to improve the law and order and increase efficiency of the bureaucracy," said A.K. Verma, a Kanpur-based political analyst.