Delhi airport to get 30,000 smoke detectors

Delhi airport to get 30,000 smoke detectors


New Delhi: Nearly 30,000 smoke detectors and sensors will be installed at the new terminals of the Indira Gandhi International Airport where a massive modernization plan is underway.

These detectors, being purchased from a US-based company, would automatically send a signal to the fire control panel upon detecting smoke and thereafter to the alarm hooter prompting security officials to activate safety and evacuation operations.

“The bids have been finalized for employing 30,000 smoke detectors and sensors for the Delhi airport. This will cost a few lakhs of rupees," president, Fire and Safety Association of India, Arun Khazanchi told PTI.

The alarm hooter and detectors at the Delhi airport, which is being currently spruced up to adhere to international standards, will alert people in the building, including air passengers and employees.

“Fire safety has become an important and crucial aspect in airport modernization plans. Predominantly big players are involved in the business of ensuring fire secure environments," Khazanchi said.

Since 2002, the market for security and fire protection products has grown up by around 47%.