Saifuddin Soz, 8 CMs to discuss new Ganga Authority

Saifuddin Soz, 8 CMs to discuss new Ganga Authority

New Delhi: Chief Ministers of eight states located in the fertile Ganga Basin will discuss the “finer details" about the creation of the proposed Ganga River Basin Authority here next month with Water Resources minister Saifuddin Soz.

The meeting comes two months after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced Ganga as a ‘National River´.

The government had also announced to set up a Ganga River Basin Authority to monitor pollution levels of the river and control floods.

In November, the eight states of Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal have already given their approval in principle to set up the authority.

Since water is a state subject, doubts of the Chief Ministers about the proposed Authority and its role will be cleared in the meeting likely to be held on January 15, sources in the Water Resources ministry told PTI here.

“Finer details about the Ganga River Basin Authority will also be discussed," according to a source in the ministry.

The proposed Authority, to be set up under the Environment Act, 1986, will be chaired by the Prime Minister.

Chief ministers of Ganga basin states, Ministers Forest and Environment, Urban Development and Water Resources, water and hydrology experts, representatives of the Industry and farmers’ representatives will be members of the Authority.

The authority will work under the Water Resources ministry.