Global Political Risk Index

Global Political Risk Index

Late November’s terror attacks in Mumbai and data released in December on dismal factory output in October will likely push India further down in the Eurasia Group’s ranking of 24 countries based on their political risks.

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While the index took into account the Mumbai attacks, it was released before the 8 December declaration of elections held in five Indian states, and also before the release of factory output data last week showing a 15-year low. Thus, while the index shows a neutral outlook for India for December, the country’s actual performance this month could be worse.

That would put it among the majority of the countries featured in the index. Only four countries, Hungary, Egypt, Turkey and Indonesia, have a positive outlook for December according to the index.

The index, compiled by Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy, is a composite measure of a country’s government, society, security and economy. While the score indicates stability or instability for the month gone by (November, in this case), the outlook (positive, negative or neutral) indicates which way the scores will likely move.

Mint has partnered with the Eurasia Group for GPRI and runs this every month. Mint carried the previous GPRI on 4 November.

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Graphics by Paras Jain / Mint