The Hindu Business Line reports that Chirag Paswan, Ram Vilas Paswan’s thespian son, may prove to be a better politician than he is an actor. “They held secret meetings in empty houses, five star hotels and finally Chirag and his uncle Ramchandra Paswan were escorted to Rajnath Singh’s official residence at Ashoka Road through a back alley," the paper said, referring to negotiations between the BJP and LJP. The report also featured some delightful wordplay in its description of Ram Vilas Paswan’s sitting room featuring “gaudy candlesticks, colourful posters and guilt-edged furniture". Chirag Paswan’s debut film, “Miley Naa Miley Hum", the paper reminds us, bombed.

The humour is of a far less subtle variety in the online spoofs and memes that rival parties are slinging at each others, report the Economic Times. “It’s war out there, “ the paper reports, “As campaigning gathers steam, humour is being used like harpoons online. If the last season belonged to slick videos, memes other kinds of skits are catching on now." Rahul Roushan of the Faking News satire website provided a sobering analysis of these new trends: “Events have changed, but tone and stupidity remain the same".

The comedy is sizzling, but AAP’s chances are fizzling, reports Business Standard. One reason could be the influx of celeb candidates the paper reckons. Supporters are beginning to feel disenchanted. Why? “Their primary grouse is that the party has consistently been ignoring old-timers and founders of the AAP and has been favouring newcomers instead. The aam aadmi vision has taken a back seat and a group of elite individuals has been promoted to take over the party."

The one burning question about these polls that was yet to be answered was: “Who is the Sourav Ganguly of the Congress?" Worry no more. Cricketer and Congress candidate from Phulpur, Mohammad Kaif, has confirmed that this is Rahul Gandhi. In an interview with the Indian Express Kaif also chose this unfortunate response when asked if he had spoken to any other cricketer-politicians: “I was in regular touch with Azhar bhai and he too said I should take the offer."

Finally, The 545 has published a history of female representative in the Lok Sabha. “the Parliament in the world’s largest democracy is left with fewer women than even neighbouring Pakistan and Afghanistan. But how did it all come to this?"

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