Sanjay Dutt on his days in jail

Sanjay Dutt on his days in jail

New Delhi: It was a rare instance when Sanjay Dutt’s fans got a chance to hear him talk about how being in and out of jail had affected him. Speaking at the HT Leadership Summit last weekend, the actor described the ways in which he tried to help his fellow jail mates deal with several kinds of injustice they faced.

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77919f76-b975-11dd-8798-000b5dabf613.flv“He [Dutt’s jail mate] was in jail for 9 years and he was caught for possession of a firearm for which had a license...So I called his lawyer into my court and I warned him. I said if you don’t [get him out of jail] I’ll go to the press. And then he got out on bail....the lawyer was making money off him", he said.

Drawn into the conversation, Sanjay’s third wife Manyata shared a glimpse of her husband’s life in jail. She described how hard it was to not be able to see him and touch him for such a long period of time. After seeing him in jail for the first time, she said that she collapsed from the mental agony she was going through.

About the future, Sanjay said he plans to continue acting and so no plans to pursue politics for at least another 10 years. He wants to be able to spend as much time as he can with his wife, he said.