Greenpeace will keep up pressure on global warming

Greenpeace will keep up pressure on global warming

Johannesburg: “Greenpeace will keep up the pressure on leaders it believes let the world down on global warming," Greenpeace’s executive director Kumi Naidoo said.

Naidoo spoke yesterday in an interview in Johannesburg on a visit to his home country after last week’s UN climate change summit in Copenhagen.

Back in Copenhagen, four Greenpeace activists will spend Christmas in a Danish jail facing trespassing charges because of a summit protest.

Greenpeace had pushed for a legally binding agreement to reduce global warming and give poor countries money and technology to cope with climate change. The Copenhagen talks fell short of those ambitions, producing a nonbinding political agreement that has been denounced even by some of its key drafters.

Naidoo said that the flurry of criticism since the talks concluded over the weekend is going to put more pressure on leaders.

“One thing our political leaders have learned is that they have to up their game," he said adding: “We hope they’ve learned that they have to come, in the month to follow, with more specific commitments and that they have to do more political work back home."