2,800 crore

What is it? The amount the Indian government wants to raise by selling a 11.36% stake in hydropower producer NHPC on Wednesday.

Why is it important? It is the first disinvestment in the current financial year. The government hopes to raise 56,500 crore in 2016-17 by selling its stakes in state-owned companies. It remains to be seen if it can achieve that, given that it missed its disinvestment target for the sixth year in a row in 2015-16.

Tell me more: The government, which holds 85.96% in NHPC, will also be able to comply with the market regulator’s rules to increase minimum public shareholding in listed state-owned firms to 25%. The issue price has been set at 21.75 a share, a 5.6% discount to NHPC’s closing price of 23.05 on Tuesday.


What is it? The number of years Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors has been falsifying fuel emission tests for the cars it sold in its home country.

Why is it important? The Mitsubishi scandal is much bigger than previously thought. Last week, Japan’s sixth-largest automaker admitted that it had manipulated test data for four domestic mini-van vehicles (including two made for Nissan Motor) and had said the non-compliance was from 2002. This follows German automaker Volkswagen’s admission last year of cheating on fuel emission tests that has cost the company €16 billion so far.

Tell me more: The Mitsubishi scandal has affected over 600,000 cars, 157,000 Mitsubishi models and 468,000 Nissan models. Its share prices have fallen by nearly 50% since its first admission last week and the company has lost around $3.9 billion in market value.

$50.6 billion

What is it? Apple’s revenue in the three months ended March, down 12.8% from the same period last year.

Why is it important? This is Apple’s first quarterly decline since 2003. iPhone sales, which contribute to around two-thirds of its total sales, declined by 10 million to 51.2 million from a year ago. The company is still best known for its iPhone and given the absence of any major product launch, it remains to be seen if Apple’s growth has already peaked. It expects to earn $41-43 billion in the next quarter.

Tell me more: The company earned $2.1 billion from its ‘Other Products’ category (including Apple watches, Apple TV and Beats) during the quarter, a 30% increase from the year-ago quarter.


What is it? The number of farmers who have committed suicide so far this year, according to the Indian government.

Why is it important? This follows back-to-back drought, which is being made worse by the soaring temperatures in different parts of the country and dipping water reserves in India’s main reservoirs. The government said it has approved a 12,773.3 crore relief package to 10 drought-hit states during the summer season of the crop year of 2015-16.

Tell me more: 57 farmer suicides were reported in Maharashtra (as on 29 February), one of the worst-affected states, while 56 farm labourers have ended their lives in Punjab. Three farmer suicides have been recorded in Telangana.


What is it? The likely increase in the cost of basic mobile handsets after global positioning system (GPS) feature and the emergency/panic button are introduced.

Why is it important? The Indian Cellular Association fears this would make it unaffordable for people at the bottom of the pyramid to buy mobile phones. The least expensive phone retails at 500 now. However, it is likely that entry-level mobile phones would mirror smartphone pricing trends—with increasing volumes, prices would come down even further.

Tell me more: The government notified on Tuesday that all phones rolled out from January 2018 must have GPS and those sold after January 2017 must have a panic button. India crossed the 1 billion mark in mobile phone subscribers in January this year.

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