Bangalore among best places to do business in the world

Bangalore among best places to do business in the world

New Delhi: India’s growing presence in the global economic arena has received a boost with Bangalore emerging as one of the best places to do business in the world, joining the league of cities like London, Shanghai and Singapore, a latest study says.

Bangalore, known as the world’s back office, is among the 12 cities named in the ‘Best places to do business in the wired world´ list recently compiled by Business 2.0, a magazines published by global media giant CNN-Time Warner group.

Other cities which find a place on the list are -- Tokyo , Hong Kong, Barcelona (Spain), Helsinki (Finland), Seoul, Stockholm (Sweden), Tallinn (Estonia) and Tel Aviv (Israel).

“The city is home to Infosys, Google’s Research and Development Center, and some of the world’s most talented (and inexpensive) software engineers," the report said while describing Bangalore.

Each place is described along with the availability of free Wi-Fi points, best place to get down to business, best place to celebrate closing the deal and tips on how to get around.

Interestingly, the list also offers the address of saloon to get a good haircut apart from trivia about every city.

On the ‘What you might not know´ section on Bangalore, the report says, “Residents call their city Bengalooru. Like Bombay (now Mumbai), the city was renamed to make it sound more Indian than British."

About Shanghai, the report says, "Shanghai is an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to outsource software development. It’s also the Asian-Pacific headquarters for more than 150 foreign companies, including General Electric and General Motors.“

Besides, for London the list reveals that most major US Tech companies have offices in the city and Singapore has a growing entrepreneurial community and boasts of corporate giants such as Dell, IBM, Intel and Sony having a presence in the city.