New Delhi: Drug dependence treatment and rehabilitation centres taking grants-in-aid from the ministry of social justice & empowerment are on the radar of the government. The ministry will conduct an evaluation study to assess the implementation of the Scheme of Assistance for Prevention of Alcoholism and Substance (Drugs) Abuse by Integrated Rehabilitation Centres for Addicts (IRCAs) to check whether the patients are benefiting or not.

The ministry aims to evaluate the various factors determining the quality of services such as infrastructure, staff and recreation facilitates being provided by IRCAs getting grants-in-aid. The officials will also assess the efficacy of the treatment given to addicts.

“There are many rehabilitation centres that are not functioning properly and not providing good facilities to the patients even after taking financial aid from the government. We want to see whether the proper facilities are being delivered to them or not," said a senior official from ministry of social justice & empowerment.

“We want to evaluate the rate of relapse of beneficiaries and the factors thereof including any changes required in the duration and method of treatment and detoxification. We will also assess the utilization of beds sanctioned for treatment and detoxification of substance (drugs) abusers in IRCAs during last five years. Also, there will an assessment of the need of skill development of drug addicts," said the official on condition of anonymity.