New Delhi: Two projects which seek to address questions of waste, recycling, resources, jobs and income generation for the poorer sections in Delhi were on Monday presented the Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award for 2014.

The award went to the Chintan Material Recovery Facility (MRF), which manages tonnes of unsorted garbage from the hundreds of trains that arrive at the New Delhi railway station every day, and GOONJ, an non-government organization that turns untapped, old and waste material from middle class households into second-hand products.

The jury chose the two projects “in order to emphasize the importance of more sustainable cycles of consumption and production and for thinking creatively about locating workplaces and employment opportunities in cities", the award organizer, Deutsche Bank, said in a release.

Anshu Jain, chairman of the board of trustees of the Alfred Herrhausen Society and co-chief executive officer of Deutsche Bank, presented the prize to the winners.