New Delhi: Cautioning people against “unscrupulous NGOs", Niti Aayog has said certain organisations are misusing its name and that of the erstwhile Planning Commission on various Internet platforms seeking articles for publication upon payment of fee.

“It has come to the notice of Niti Aayog that certain NGOs are using the name of the erstwhile Planning Commission or Niti Aayog along with its name in the Facebook, BlogSpot or other Internet platforms including sending emails, seeking articles for their publications upon payment of certain fee," Niti Aayog said in an office memorandum.

Clarifying further, it said that Niti Aayog has “not authorised" any organisation to use its name or seek articles for its publications.

It also stated that Niti Aayog does not publish any journal which charges any registration fee for publishing articles.

Niti Aayog added that any person or organisation “falling prey" to such mischievous endeavours of unscrupulous Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) may do so at their own risk.

Thus, it has also asked that if anyone receives such communications, they may be forwarded to-, so that appropriate legal action may be taken by the Niti Aayog against such unscrupulous persons or organisations.

They may also send the e-mail to the id of SRO (Research) B. Bishoi at, it added.