New Delhi: Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad Monday said the government would continue to give its views on the recommendations put forth by the Supreme Court collegium for judicial appointments.

The minister expressed his views at the launch of Nyaya Vikas, a web portal and app for online monitoring judicial infrastructure projects for subordinate judiciary.

Emphasising the role of the government in appointments to the higher judiciary, Prasad added, “There is nothing wrong in it. Law ministry is not a post office."

On the issue of a conflict in judiciary that saw four senior-most judges of the Supreme Court hold a press conference and reach out to the public about administrative glitches in the apex court, he said the judiciary had to be trusted to settle differences internally.

A similar view was taken by finance minister Arun Jaitley a day earlier when he posted on Facebook, “The Constitution envisages an important role for the executive. It is a part of the democratic accountability. Past experiences perhaps weighed with the court in diluting the role of the executive in judicial appointments. The executive can give inputs, it can even refer a recommendation back with relevant inputs for reconsideration but is eventually bound by the recommendations. This is contrary to the text of the Constitution."

On 6 October, the Supreme Court decided to disclose its rationale for recommending candidates to the government. It would include reasons for names recommended or rejected by the collegium, comprising the five senior-most judges of the apex court, to the government for its consideration.