CRPF to get micro gadgets, precision weapons

CRPF to get micro gadgets, precision weapons

New Delhi: The home ministry is in the process of procuring micro gadgets and precision weapons for the Central Reserve Police force (CRPF), which is preparing for a major anti-Naxal offensive.

Official sources said that the ministry is looking at buying night vision enabled sniper rifles for the force, which could be a major advantage for the personnel in anti-Naxal operations.

“The guns can prove to be of great help in operations as snipers can be used for undertaking precise strategic assault on Naxal hideouts," a source said.

The CoBRA personnel have already been provided with carbon fibre AK 47s, which are not only lighter than a normal AK 47 but are equally sturdy.

The new weapons that are being procured include the under barrel grenade launcher (UBGL) that could be fitted on any gun including an AK 47 to fire grenades to a distance of 50-150 metres, light weight automatic MP 5A rifles and Fragmentation Grenades which can cause heavy damage as it breaks into pieces.

Also included in the shopping list is lightweight fibre based glock pistol that is more accurate and has less recoil.

The commandos of the special unit will also have the option of using ‘laser sights´ that can be fitted on any gun to provide accuracy while dealing with the Maoists. Besides, special telescopic manipulator with high-end lens and portable X-ray machines will also be given to the force.

The force which would operate in heavy naxal-infested areas, especially deep forests and remotest villages, would get high frequency transmitters along with better satellite phones to remain in contact with the control station.

While security personnel are currently using bullet proof jackets that weigh about 14 kg, the ministry is now procuring special light-weight jackets which weigh about six kg. The CRPF have already invited tenders for 59,000 such jackets.