India and developing nations must act to check emissions: PM

India and developing nations must act to check emissions: PM

New Delhi: Making it clear that the country will not compromise on development in the fight against global warming, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday said that India and other developing nations must do their bit to keep their emissions footprint within sustainable and equitable levels.

Inaugurating the New Delhi High Level Conference on Climate Change: Technology Development and Transfer, he made a strong pitch for diffusion of technology which will be a key element in meeting the challenge of climate change.

“Developing countries cannot and will not compromise on development. But, as responsible members of the global community, we also do recognise that we, along with other members of the global community, must do our bit to keep our emissions footprint within levels that are sustainable and equitable," Singh said.

Singh said that India was acting in its own limited capacity in pursuing its commitment to sustainable growth and a comprehensive, balanced and equitable outcome of the climate change talks at Copenhagen will enable the country to do much more.

“We need to work towards a significantly enhanced and scaled-up set of arrangements for technology under a multilaterally supervised mechanism," he said.

“We need to act across all the stages of the technology cycle from research leading to new breakthroughs, to the development and adoption of new technologies and to the transfer of existing and mature technologies," Singh said.