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Thu, Nov 15 2018. 11 41 PM IST

Opinion | RBI and the government: stepping back from the brink

While the RBI can be faulted for having allowed the NPL problem to develop and fester in the first place, it has been making up for its past negligence

Thu, Nov 15 2018. 11 42 PM IST

Opinion | Tackling India’s open defecation problem

Truly making India open defecation free requires a sustainable change in societal mindset and behaviour

Thu, Nov 15 2018. 11 42 PM IST

Opinion | The impact of World War I on India

The war linked India to global events in profound ways with far-reaching consequences

Thu, Nov 15 2018. 09 14 AM IST

Video streaming services may gain from Supreme Court ruling

Supreme Court order stands to benefit the consumer, who can now pick and choose his channels.

Wed, Nov 14 2018. 09 02 PM IST

Opinion | Populism’s common denominator

One view, naturally favoured by economists, is that economic complaints are at the root of the populist revolt

Wed, Nov 14 2018. 10 19 PM IST

Opinion | The right policy mix for conservation efforts

The killing of the tigress Avni raises complex questions to which India has failed to find answers thus far

Wed, Nov 14 2018. 10 04 PM IST

Opinion | Corporate governance in start-ups

Sometimes the evolution is just the by-product of the company’s growth and sometimes the progression is the outcome of a carefully tailored plan

Wed, Nov 14 2018. 09 32 PM IST

Opinion | What the discomforts of the rich signify

The real soul-searching needs to be done by those who have gained the most from present growth patterns

Wed, Nov 14 2018. 09 17 PM IST

Opinion | The conundrum of PPP road projects

The government should focus on making the project development ready at the time of award to attract more private sector interest, rather than changing the concession model

Wed, Nov 14 2018. 10 15 PM IST

Opinion | The risk of acceding to a majoritarian demand

The categorical imperative is to uphold the Constitution and its instruments by all means, support equality, let the women do what they want, and finally, don’t concede ground to those claiming their sentiments are offended

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