What is it? The number of times the defending champions have been eliminated in the group stages of the football world cup.

Why is it important? Yesterday, it was the turn of four-times champions Germany to experience this ignominy, losing 0-2 to South Korea and finishing at the bottom of its group. Since 2000, other than Brazil in 2002, no other defending champion has made it past the group stage.

Tell me more: Sweden topped the group and Mexico also qualified. In another set of matches, Brazil and Switzerland qualified from Group E. The group stages conclude today and the Round of 16 kicks off on Saturday.


What is it? The percentage of drains in Delhi that had been de-silted till Wednesday.

Why is it important? The Public Works Department of Delhi has completed de-silting just 27% of drains in the city, according to figures placed before the Delhi Vidhan Sabha. Delhi received its first showers of the season on Wednesday, raising fears of waterlogging. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has claimed that all de-silting work will be completed by June 30. The deadline was June 15 earlier, according to PWD Minister Satyendra Jain.

Tell me more: Progress has been as slow, with up to 25% drains de-silted in 419 out of 1,034 roads, according to the PWD. None of the 54 roads under the North Roads division, 106 in the West Roads I Division and 49 roads in the SRDP Road division have been de-silted.

1.8 million

What is it? The number of women expected to lose a job, post the new maternity benefit bill in India.

Why is it important? The law, which makes India the most progressive country after Canada and Norway in granting maternity benefits, will probably lead to job losses for women, as per a survey by TeamLease Services. The survey showed an estimated 1.1 million to 1.8 million women may lose their job across 10 sectors in 2018-19.

Tell me more: The law seeks to increase the paid maternity leave for women from 12 weeks to 26 weeks, which will add to the costs of small- and medium-sized employers. The share of women in the workforce has traditionally been low at sub-25%.


What is it? The number of Indian goods on which China plans to reduce or cancel tariff, according to a tweet by China’s ambassador to India on Wednesday.

Why is it important? These goods include chemicals, farm products and metals from India and some other Asian countries. The move is being seen in the context of China’s ongoing trade war with the US: for several of these items, China imposes a higher tariff when it imports from the US.

Tell me more: Indo-China bilateral trade reached a historic high last year of $ 84.44 billion. This move will also help ease the staggering $ 16.34 billion trade deficit between the two countries. Currently, India is the 7th largest export destination for Chinese products and the 24th largest exporter to China.

300 million

What is it? The distance in kilometers a Japanese probe has travelled to collect information on the birth of the solar system.

Why is it important? Hayabusa2 has reached an asteroid 300 million kilometers away to collect information about the origin of life after more than a 3-year voyage through deep space. Japanese Exploration Agency (JAXA) announced the probe had successfully settled into an observation position 20 km above the Ryugu asteroid.

Tell me more: Over the next 18 months, the probe will explore the asteroid, with the immediate next phase identifying suitable sites to take samples from once the probe touches down on the asteroid surface. The probe had returned in 2010 from a 7-year space odyssey from a smaller asteroid with dust samples.

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