Abhishek Bondia
Your legally adopted son can become your nominee and will be considered as a beneficial nominee (Photo: iStock)
Insurer sometimes views engine seizes as a negligent act by the policyholder (Photo: iStock)

Engine damage isn’t usually insured

1 min read . 20 Oct 2019
Cyber risk insurance is prevalent to cover losses due to cyber attacks (Photo: iStock)

Take cover against cyber attacks

1 min read . 13 Oct 2019
You could buy term insurance equal to 19 times of your income (Photo: iStock)

Buy a term cover to secure home loan

1 min read . 06 Oct 2019
If a claim is made, a critical illness plan usually gets terminated since the entire sum insured is paid as claim. (Photo: HT)

Most health plans allow customization

2 min read . 28 Jul 2019