Anindita Ghose
Dar’s plans for the ghost-statue projection titled ‘Mother India/I Am A Monument’. Photo:Vishal K Dar

An artist brings back Mother India

7 min read . 02 Mar 2019
Kallat with two ‘Palindrome/Anagram Paintings’ at his studio in Byculla, Mumbai. Photo: Aniruddha chowdhury/Mint

Jitish Kallat’s new space mission

7 min read . 26 Jan 2019
Yo-Yo Ma. Photo: Getty Images
Men say they now feel ’afraid’ to talk to women. Do feel afraid. #MeToo is an invisible spectre, present even when it is not. Photo: iStock

#MeToo: Six characters and a movement

9 min read . 22 Dec 2018