Avantika Bhuyan
The Khirkee Talk Show (Photo courtesy:Malini Kochupillai)

Building bridges through art

7 min read . 14 Feb 2020
Amit Aggarwal in the midst of fitting sessions at his Lado Sarai studio; seen here is a skater dress from the ‘Axil’ collection. (Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint)
Some of the art on display has been drawn from the collection of Devi Art Foundation, while new works have been created by those working in the industries of Okhla (Photo courtesy: Devi Art Foundation)

The route to equality

5 min read . 07 Feb 2020
Genesis—The hindru series by Ghiora Aharoni (L) and Hostile Witness by Baaraan Ijlal

Take a stand at India Art Fair 2020

4 min read . 03 Feb 2020
‘All The Youth Come Out To Play Ain’t No One Lay in Our Way’, currently on view at the India Art Fair

Marcel Dzama’s Imaginarium

7 min read . 03 Feb 2020
‘In Between The Densities’, double exposure

Art on a budget

12 min read . 02 Feb 2020
‘Totem 4’ is part of Parekh’s ‘A River Inside’ series. (Photo courtesy: Jhaveri Contemporary)

Art Couture: A sense of fluidity

2 min read . 31 Jan 2020
Waylon D’Souza’s photoprints on paper (Photo courtesy:  Waylon D’souza)

Imagining the ‘Anthropo-scene’

9 min read . 31 Jan 2020
Work by Aditi Singh that will be shown by Chemould Prescott Road at Art Basel, Hong Kong, in March. (Photo courtesy: Art Basel, Hong Kong)

A space for learning

3 min read . 31 Jan 2020
Photo: Rohit Chawla

Goa’s Gypsy Pilgrims

3 min read . 18 Jan 2020
‘Merchants From Kabul And Iran’ by Ghulam Ali Khan.  (Photo courtesy: Arts of Hindostan)

Kampani Kalam in the spotlight

3 min read . 17 Jan 2020
Photo courtesy: The artist/Emami Art

The other side of the mirror

5 min read . 11 Jan 2020
Untitled pen and ink on paper (Courtesy Akara Art/Artist)

Geometric Utopia

2 min read . 03 Jan 2020
From ‘Counterfeit’ by Babu Eshwar Prasad (Courtesy artist/Vaica)

The moving art of video

4 min read . 03 Jan 2020
Photo: iStock

Unseen 2019: Silence of the bees

10 min read . 28 Dec 2019
Artists and students at Latasil Field in Guwahati. (Photo: PTI)

The fine art of staging a protest

3 min read . 27 Dec 2019