Avantika Bhuyan
Snakes are at the heart of the human-wildlife conflict in India.

An app for snake-bite emergencies

2 min read . 02 Dec 2019
Twelve-year-old Karen paints her face white with make-up powder, putting on more and more, until she achieves the look of a ‘white woman’. She refuses to be called Afro-Mexican. She says she doesn’t like the word. (Photo: Cécile S. Baudier)

Portraits of unbelonging

3 min read . 30 Nov 2019
Reena Saini Kallat with her work ‘Chorus II’ (2018-19). Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint

Drawing the line

5 min read . 29 Nov 2019
The dyeing room (Photo courtesy: Nila House)

Jaipur’s new house of blues

6 min read . 24 Nov 2019
An image from Bharat Choudhary’s series, 'The Silence Of ‘Others’' (Photo courtesy: The artists)

The Landscape of Loss

3 min read . 24 Nov 2019
Nearly 40 women run the Gungzeema kitchen (Photo courtesy:  Foodsutrabymitali)

The Kitchen of Change

5 min read . 23 Nov 2019
A narrative performance by Seema Kohli.  (Seema Kohli)

The ‘yoginis’ of Sunder Nursery

3 min read . 15 Nov 2019
V.S. Gaitonde’s ‘Untitled’, a previously unseen work from 1974, is being auctioned by Sotheby’s next week.  (Photo Courtesy: Sotheby’s)

Art at the dawn of the space age

2 min read . 11 Nov 2019
A still from ‘Teacher Of Algorithm'

The data is in the design

5 min read . 11 Nov 2019
Good Earth’s clothing label, Sustain, brings together contemporary clothing with craft consciousness. (Photo Courtesy: Good Earth)

The river as a leitmotif

3 min read . 09 Nov 2019
Olivia Fraser’s ‘Constellation'

Painting from the earth

4 min read . 09 Nov 2019
At Pracheen, in Mumbai, craftsmen create block prints using natural dyes (Photo: Getty Images)

Colours of nature

7 min read . 04 Nov 2019
‘A Blind King’ (mixed media on paper), 1960s. Courtesy art heritage gallery

An artist called Alkazi

3 min read . 01 Nov 2019
Here’s the work of seven artists who have a deep engagement with the environment

Art for the planet

3 min read . 27 Oct 2019
Hoolock Gibbons live and travel only through the high canopies of trees (Photo Courtesy: Saket Badola)

Diwali special: Call of the primates

10 min read . 26 Oct 2019
Dheer Kaku’s ‘Time 2’. (Photo Courtesy: Space 118)

A laboratory of ideas

2 min read . 13 Oct 2019
Roast masters at Smoky Falls’ processing unit

N-E Brews it Fresh

5 min read . 05 Oct 2019
A farmer burning paddy stubble near NH64 in Patiala in October 2016 (Photo: Hindustan Times)

Tracking fires using AI

5 min read . 04 Oct 2019