Avantika Bhuyan
Students in Aliba village are learning age-old crafts such as egg stock basket weaving from the ‘Patir Jupang’. Photo: Aosumak Jamir

Nagaland’s corridor of knowledge

3 min read . 08:00 AM IST
Parents can try involving the child in creative pursuits, or read out the stories that they used to when the child was younger.  (Photo: Getty Images)

The kids are not all right

5 min read . 27 Jun 2020
A still from Tara Pandeya’s performance, which is part of the online series ‘Boxed’.

Moving out of the box

4 min read . 21 Jun 2020
‘Blind Date—Alphabetical Order Backwards’, Shreya Josh and Koshy Brahmatmaj. (Photo: Pulp Society)

Zines for a good cause

2 min read . 13 Jun 2020
New pupils maintain social distancing during a welcome ceremony in Yokohama, Japan, on 6 April. (Photo: Getty Images)

The new school gap year

3 min read . 13 Jun 2020
Sohrab Hura’s images bring to the fore small details which had existed all along in our neighbourhood spaces but had escaped notice.

View across the rooftops

3 min read . 22 May 2020
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