Harish Bhat
Not just the beverage, but what you drink it in can be a great conversation starter at the workplace. Photo: iStock
Laptops and tablets have now become the note- taking devices of choice. Photo: iStock

Take note of this corporate art form

4 min read . 06 Aug 2018
Illustration: Jayachandran/Mint

Listening, a vital managerial skill

5 min read . 25 Mar 2018
Don’t create unreadable documents and take a pause before you finalize a memo. Photo: iStockphoto

‘WISE’ up on your English

4 min read . 28 Jan 2018
Cultivate a hobby and make it an integral part of your life. Photographs: iStockphoto

Soar above the job

5 min read . 22 Oct 2017
Fewer slides in a presentation are likely to be more effective. Reflecting on these principles can make executives more sensitive to the real issues in offices. Photographs from iStockphoto

6 new principles for our cubicles

5 min read . 10 Sep 2017
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Time to think

5 min read . 30 Jul 2017
From the extreme minimalist to the happy mountaineer and the great achiever, office-goers can be segmented into various types. Photo: iStockphoto

What your cubicle says about you

5 min read . 04 Jun 2017
Photo: iStockphoto<br />

Unmasking the managers

5 min read . 21 Aug 2016
The office canteen is the best place to have a big screen for the World Cup. Photo: Sunil Saxena/Hindustan Times<br />

Cricket in the cubicle

4 min read . 13 Mar 2016
Does your work often get lost in the proverbial office black hole? Imaging by Narender Pal Singh/Mint<br />

Einstein on the job

5 min read . 31 Jan 2016