Kyle Stock
Ford GT40 swept the podium in 1966 and kept winning for the next three years. Ford scrapped the GT40 in 1969 and didn’t build another car like it for 34 years. Photo: AFP

The world’s rarest Ford, on sale

3 min read . 17 Aug 2017
While Harley-Davidson motorcycle sales was dismal in the second quarter, the 17% drop in revenue from general merchandise is likely to hurt the iconic bike maker more. Photo: AFP

Harley-Davidson is losing its cool

1 min read . 20 Jul 2017
The Ducati Scrambler, with its old-school styling, aims to attract millennials. Harley-Davidson Street, Honda Rebel and BMW G310R are the other affordable, small bikes that first-time riders can choose from. Photo: Bloomberg

The motorcycle industry is dying

6 min read . 06 Jul 2017
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