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With Mark Zuckerberg maintaining most of the voting power, Facebook’s board has little ability to make change without his assent. Photo: Reuters
Decisions our governments make have a direct impact on our businesses and our lives. Photo: AFP

Let’s talk about politics

4 min read . 19 Jan 2018
US President Donald Trump. Photo: Bloomberg

Reasons for coming clean in 2018

4 min read . 19 Dec 2017
Consumers often don’t comprehend the extent of companies’ data collection, failing to understand even the basics of the ‘cookies’ being used when they surf the web. Photo: iStock

Cybersecurity starts at the top

4 min read . 16 Oct 2017
Donald Trump fancies himself America’s CEO; indeed, he won the presidency partly because he pitched himself as a successful business tycoon. Photo: AP

Donald Trump, CEO of the US

4 min read . 28 Jul 2017
Uber’s experience should serve as a cautionary tale for boards and investors far beyond Silicon Valley. Photo: AP

The underside of Uber

4 min read . 27 Jun 2017
Companies should also hold other organizations in their supply chains accountable. Photo: AFP

Sex, lies and leadership

4 min read . 22 Dec 2016
Donald Trump. Photo: AP<br />

Truthiness on the march

4 min read . 18 Sep 2016
Photo: iStockphoto<br />

What’s wrong with executive pay?

3 min read . 18 May 2016
Photo: iStockphoto<br />

Learning how to beat corruption

4 min read . 22 Feb 2016
Photo: Reuters<br />

The elephant in the boardroom

3 min read . 10 Feb 2016
Bill Gates (left) looks on as US President Barack Obama delivers remarks during an event at COP21 on 30 November. Photo: AP<br />

Beyond the revolving door

4 min read . 31 Dec 2015
A woman lights a candle at a makeshift memorial at the Place de la Republique in Paris on 23 November in tribute to the victims of the terror attacks in Paris. Photo: AFP<br />

Terrorism and trust

3 min read . 30 Nov 2015
Photo: Reuters<br />

The Volkswagen revolution

4 min read . 20 Oct 2015
Jayachandran/Mint<br />

The better corporation

4 min read . 21 Aug 2015
Jayachandran/Mint <br />

From bubbles to bridges

3 min read . 03 Jul 2015
Photo: AFP <br />

The Fifa syndrome

4 min read . 29 May 2015
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