Natasha Badhwar
‘The Ring’, by Roy Lichtenstein, an icon in the field of pop art. Photo: Alamy

Learning to be properly married

6 min read . 07 Dec 2018
A still from ‘Masoom’. Children teach you to stay engaged, informed and happy.
We need empathy and openness to connect to the stories of victims beyond the tragedy that has befallen them. Photo: Natasha Badhwar

Opinion | Daring to respond with love

5 min read . 13 Sep 2018
Small intimacies are safer than the big, demanding ones. Because they are barely visible to others, there is less need to guard them.

The romance of small intimacies

4 min read . 17 Aug 2018
The metaphors in Uttamchandani’s photo-book are loaded with meaning.

Opinion | The sacred in the ordinary

5 min read . 03 Aug 2018
Don’t become smaller to save yourself—make yourself visible, raise your voice. Photo: iStock

The big power of the peaceful

5 min read . 27 Jul 2018
Monsoon showers speak to our inner child, often washing away our inhibitions too.

They keep falling on my head

5 min read . 20 Jul 2018