Neha Bhatt
Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint

Who moved my milk?

17 min read . 26 May 2018
Core team members and volunteers of GurgaonMoms at The Mom Achievers Summit 2017. Photo: Gurgaonmoms

Crowdsourced parenting

8 min read . 23 Mar 2018
A Bihari meal at Priyadarshini Gupta’s home in Mumbai offered by Authenticook.

Beyond ‘litti chokha’

6 min read . 10 Mar 2018
A man stirs sugar-cane paste at a factory in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. Photo: Neha Bhatt
Marwai Ajadina from the Bengaluru Oota Company.

What did your granny eat?

9 min read . 06 May 2017
A mixed vegetable tart with ‘makhana’ brittle at Indian Accent. Photo: Indian Accent

Makhana’s moment

5 min read . 16 Dec 2016
Motuu’s Qila at Gurgaon.

The sin from Sindh

8 min read . 28 Oct 2016