Neha Dara
Guests can scale canyons in Oman, camp on the side of a steep cliff in Colorado, or track lions on foot with Samburu warriors in Kenya.

Travel News

1 min read . 21 Jun 2019
Tick polar ice off the bucket list

Tick polar ice off the bucket list

2 min read . 06 Apr 2019
New Zealand’s Stewart Island is the world’s newest dark sky sanctuary

Thai weekend made easy

2 min read . 17 Feb 2019
An adventure-enthusiast on the catapult in New Zealand’s Nevis Valley.

Fancy a catapult across the ravine?

1 min read . 08 Sep 2018
The bright yellows and oranges of the Indian Jezebel make the butterfly unattractive to predators but pleasing to the human eye.

Mumbai’s world of small insects

1 min read . 16 Mar 2018
Fringe Ford is nestled amidst 520 acres of forest in Wayanad. Photo: Amogha Varsha

Holidays with a difference

3 min read . 09 Mar 2018
There are Mend city guides to London, New York City (NYC), Los Angeles and more (there’s a focus on the US, since that’s where the app was born). Photo: iStockphoto

Let travel mend your broken heart

1 min read . 10 Feb 2018
Posing as the Ironborn at Ballintoy Harbour. Photo: Kristen Cowling

Hop on the tour bus

3 min read . 22 Dec 2017
Created by Gulmeher, a collective of women waste-pickers from the Ghazipur slum in Delhi, the Amazing India calendar is perfect for anyone who enjoys quizzes or wants to know India better.

Calendars for the Indian traveller

1 min read . 22 Dec 2017
An antique villa at Amanyangyun.

A night of Chinese history

2 min read . 15 Dec 2017
The beach on the Baa atoll. Photo: Giulio Di Sturco

Clean island living is a luxury

4 min read . 11 Nov 2017
In the Seychelles, white terns are called angel or fairy terns for the way they hover in the air. Photo: Alamy