Padmaparna Ghosh
Needlework offers a window of help, quite literally. Photo: Padmaparna Ghosh

Hanging by a thread

6 min read . 17 Apr 2018
Tigers at the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.<br />

Book review: The Age Of Endlings

4 min read . 02 Jul 2016
The writer’s mother on Brooklyn Bridge. Photographs by Padmaparna Ghosh<br />

Travels with Maa

11 min read . 27 May 2016
Christoph Gielen, Ciphers: Decoding The Growth Machine “Conversions XVII Suburban California”, courtesy Jovis Verlag, Berlin.<br />

Looking down is looking up

5 min read . 30 Jan 2016
A tiger at the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka. Photo courtesy: Mithun Hanagund<br />

Highway for tigers

11 min read . 19 Jan 2016
Downpatrick Head. Photographs: Padmaparna Ghosh <br />

The wild Atlantic

13 min read . 21 Nov 2015
Photo: iStockphoto<br />

A deadline with a view

4 min read . 13 Oct 2015
Apocrypta, or a fig wasp. Photo: Sandesh Kadur<br />

The secret life of bugs

5 min read . 08 Aug 2015
The workshop at Sambhaavnaa served a variety of food, including an edible spoon made of sorghum, unpolished rice; and jaggery and date laddoos. <br />Photographs courtesy<br />Padmaparna Ghosh<br />

What’s on my plate?

7 min read . 09 Jun 2015
The 1965 expedition makes its way trough the Khumbu Icefall. Photo: Courtesy Mercury Himalayan Expeditions.<br />

The first Indians on Everest

20 min read . 25 May 2015
Shepherd and grazer paths in the Himalayas. Photo: Padmaparna Ghosh<br /> (Padmaparna Ghosh)

Charting the high mountains

6 min read . 16 Mar 2015
<br />A hoot: (left) Hedwig’s in trouble in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—Part 1. Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros; captured spotted owlets in the Lucknow market. Abrar Ahmed<br />

Hedwigs in the hot seat

5 min read . 12 Nov 2010
<br />Dominant species: A tea plantation in the Western Ghats. Almost all the land in the Anamalais is owned by tea and coffee companies. Hemant Mishra/Mint <br />

Green shoots of recovery

6 min read . 22 Oct 2010
Vedanta&#8217;s Orissa project nixed

Vedanta&#8217;s Orissa project nixed

5 min read . 24 Aug 2010
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