Pooja Dantewadia
An analysis of the seven-day rolling averages for states shows that Maharashtra is now emerging as the major hotspot in the country after having a relatively flat curve in the previous weeks (PTI)

India's corona curve still steep

2 min read . 01:46 AM IST
In January, more than 3,000 protesters against the CAA were charged with sedition (Photo: PTI)
Mumbai has launched the ‘Honk More, Wait More’ scheme. Honking at signals now leads to longer waiting times (Photo: Bloomberg)

Which is India’s noisiest city?

3 min read . 13 Feb 2020
Police officials stand guards during a protest against CAA and NRC at Shaheen Bagh, in New Delhi. (ANI)

What data says about police biases

3 min read . 04 Feb 2020
Scholars attribute the Indian Constitution’s endurance to its design and the care with which it was crafted (Photo: HT)

The Indian Constitution, in numbers

4 min read . 20 Jan 2020
Farmer suicides may not have risen in recent years and may have more complex causes than falling income, suggests new data (Photo: Bloomberg)

The geography of farmer suicides

3 min read . 16 Jan 2020
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