Raghu Raman
Propaganda as a weapon has always been recognized and leveraged as a force multiplier, especially in wars whose rallying call has centred around religious fervour. Photo: Reuters<br />

The social media wars

4 min read . 03 Feb 2015
Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint<br />

Taking a gun into a knife fight

4 min read . 29 Dec 2014
Osama bin Laden’s unbelievable attack on the most powerful country of the world drew the US into a battleground of his choosing. Photo: Reuters  <br />

Know yourself and your enemy

4 min read . 26 Aug 2014
This photo shows Islamic militant and tribal fighters celebrating the capture of what they said an Iraqi army soldier in al-Karma town, east of Fallujah, Iraq. Photo: AP<br />

Terror as a weapon in war

4 min read . 30 Jul 2014
A file picture of Suryakiran aircraft during Indian Air Force Day celebrations at Palam airport 8 October 2002. Photo: AFP<br />
It is not just the onus of the leaders, but all stakeholders to recognize the strategic impetus of leveraging the first 100 days and working together, setting aside parochial or petty agendas.<br />

Managing times of transition

4 min read . 04 Jun 2014
The new government faces the daunting task of addressing the immediate and urgent while working on the strategic and important. Photo: Hindustan Times<br />

The crown of thorns

4 min read . 07 May 2014
The Armed Forces are possibly the last bastion of what our founding fathers conceived this nation’s strength in diversity to be. Photo: AFP<br />

Leave the Indian army alone

4 min read . 25 Feb 2014
A self-centred status update is simply an attention seeker but a call for action to help others can start something meaningful. Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint<br />

Click here to make a difference

4 min read . 11 Feb 2014
The AK-47 has been produced by several countries in the world and over 100 million of them are still in service somewhere—spewing death, protecting territory, hunting down rebels, launching coups and like the attacks in Mumbai, propagating terrorism. Photo: AFP<br />

The reluctant game-changer

4 min read . 28 Jan 2014
Humans display remarkably altruistic and selfless behaviour when working in groups. Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint<br /> (Hemant Mishra/Mint)

The social animal

4 min read . 14 Jan 2014
A file photo of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In early 2001, Assad had just begun his reign when Syria was being courted by North Korea. Intelligence agencies reported several furtive meetings between Syrian and North Korean military officials in both the countries. Photo: AFP<br />