Sandhya Soman
Lt. Col. Sandeep Sharma joined a startup after 12 years in the Navy. (S Kumar/Mint)

When the Army enters the cubicle

5 min read . 23 Mar 2020
Students protesting against NRC and CAA in Kolkata last month.  (Photo: Getty Images)

What ‘azaadi’ is to young India

3 min read . 31 Jan 2020
Floh Network’s Siddharth Mangharam starts his day with vipassana at home (Photo: .Raj Sam/Mint)

When silence helps CEOs stay sharp

4 min read . 12 Dec 2019
Neeti Palta and (below) Vikram Poddar draw on their corporate experience for comedy acts

Stand-up is serious business at work

5 min read . 30 Oct 2019
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