Sevanti Ninan
There are estimated to be some 10 companies worldwide like Automated Insights, which has partnered with the ‘Associated Press’ to <br />

Automated hacks

4 min read . 19 Mar 2015
AAP leader and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. Photo: Mint<br />

A budget campaign

4 min read . 19 Feb 2015
Kiran Bedi is discovering that you cannot rely on your record even when your principal opponent has 49 days of work to cite, to your 40 years. Photo: Mint<br />

Kiran Bedi’s turn

4 min read . 05 Feb 2015
Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint<br />

Troubled Mahavishnu

6 min read . 30 Jan 2015
So will some jounalists’ universe shrink to tapping Facebook and following those on Twitter? Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Journalism’s tech divide

4 min read . 08 Jan 2015
A file photo of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat. Photo: HT<br />

2014’s RSS story

4 min read . 25 Dec 2014
One takeaway from the lives of men such as Rajat Sharma, Shekhar Gupta (pictured) and Ramoji Rao is the role of entrepreneurship in their ascent and in the kind of influence they wield. Photo: Mint<br />

The ascent of media men

4 min read . 11 Dec 2014
A file photo of Saradha Group chairman Sudipta Sen (right) being escorted by police in Kolkata. Photo: Reuters<br />

Saradha’s media legacy

5 min read . 27 Nov 2014
Information and broadcasting (I&B) minister Arun Jaitley. Photo: PTI<br />

Priorities for Mr Jaitley

4 min read . 13 Nov 2014
For the BJP, a media owner’s allegiance is useful, particularly since in the case of Zee, there isn’t the slightest pretence of separation between Subhash Chandra and his media outlets. Photo: PTI<br />

Media and politics in Haryana

5 min read . 31 Oct 2014
The researchers conclude that Gujarat seems to have tilted the balance in favour of the BJP. Clearly, media obsession with the Gujarat model paid off for Narendra Modi. Photo: PTI<br />

Media exposure and voter behaviour

4 min read . 09 Oct 2014
PM Narendra Modi has become a serial newsmaker who keeps journalists busy, reporters and analysts alike. Photo: HT<br />

Climate for media not exactly balmy

4 min read . 25 Sep 2014
Trai offered last month a long list of people who could not own media, raising the question of who could. It also came up with a formula for regulating cross-media ownership. Photo: Mint<br />

Regulator versus broadcaster

4 min read . 11 Sep 2014
More than the grisly video put out by ISIS, another Foley video brings home the total vulnerability of a journalist drawn inexorably to the world’s theatres of long-running violence. Photo: Reuters<br />

James Foley and conflict reporting

4 min read . 27 Aug 2014
Trai preempts right in the beginning the don’t mess with my press freedom argument, stating, ‘the right to freedom of speech is essential for sustaining the vitality of democracy… The question that arises is whether reposing such a right in the media simultaneously casts an obligation on the media to convey information and news that is accurate, truthful and unbiased’. Photo: Indranil Bhoumik/Mint<br />

Trai: Belling the media cat

4 min read . 13 Aug 2014
Twitter and Facebook as companies could end up being more concrete beneficiaries of the new Twitter mania than Indians who want their leaders to be more open. Photo: AFP<br />

All those tweets…

4 min read . 07 Aug 2014