Shanthu Shantharam
It is widely accepted that a 2 degree rise in temperature is unachievable without aggressively cutting down on carbon emission by the end of this century. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

COP21: Whither consensus!

4 min read . 30 Dec 2015
A file photo of mustard crop at Ichgam, near Srinagar. Photo: AFP<br />

GEAC must approve GM mustard

3 min read . 10 Dec 2015
Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint<br />

Green revolution needs a reset

3 min read . 04 Nov 2015
Photo: Hindustan Times<br />

The best way to control dengue

2 min read . 23 Sep 2015
Photo: iStock<br />

The organic narcissists

4 min read . 16 Sep 2015
Members of ‘Coalition for a GM Free India’ take part in a candle light vigil to protest against Bt brinjal. Photo: PTI<br />

Science-deniers must be denied

4 min read . 09 Sep 2015
The pernicious practice of dispensing scheduled drugs without a valid physician’s prescription is really killing antibiotic therapy itself. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Resisting antibiotic resistance

4 min read . 15 Jul 2015
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just asked the NITI Aayog to develop a policy paper that can provide sound scientific advice to develop modern biotechnology. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Catching up on synthetic biology

4 min read . 17 Jun 2015
Modern biotechnology is a toolbox that contains a wide array of tools and techniques to tackle problems in human health, agriculture and environmental protection. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

The baggage of biotechnology

4 min read . 20 May 2015
Organic agriculture is a method of farming in which no chemical inputs are used as far as possible. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Is the organic mantra for real?

5 min read . 08 Apr 2015
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