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Replica of the proposed Ram Mandir on display at Karsewakpuram, in Ayodhya, Monday. (Photo: PTI)

How Ram Mandir resonates today

3 min read . 13 Nov 2019
The Election Commission of India (ECI) rose in stature during the 1990s (Mint file)

How the ECI grew in stature

1 min read . 13 Nov 2019
At the state-level there are bigger differences although the best and worst states in terms of rioting remain unchanged. (Photo: HT)

Have riots in India increased?

3 min read . 06 Nov 2019
China’s imports are only weakly correlated with its official GDP figures. (Photo: Bloomberg)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi receives a memento from Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar at an election campaign rally ahead of Haryana Assembly elections, in Kurukshetra. As part of its national strategy, BJP has reached out to sub-castes which were neglected by the previous govts (Photo: PTI)

BJP and caste equation in Haryana

4 min read . 15 Oct 2019
Since the inception of the economics Nobel, there have been only 25 stand-alone winners—a list which includes Amartya Sen in 1998 (Photo: PTI)

Who wins the Nobel in economics?

1 min read . 14 Oct 2019
(Photo: iStock)

How economists are implicitly biased

1 min read . 10 Oct 2019
Companies use market research to make their advertisement plans and often rely on studies on products that are similar to their product. (Mint file)
Around 22% of the directors in the sample were JEE directors, of which 29% were IIT graduates. (iStock)

How the JEE improves firm performance

1 min read . 26 Sep 2019
(Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint)
Indicators of the consumer economy fell sharply in August, after having remained in the red  since  February (Photo: Reuters)

Ten red flags in India's economy

3 min read . 25 Sep 2019