Surya Bhatia
You can withhold the two land parcels along with your own residential asset. (Reuters)
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Inflation-adjust your long-term goals

1 min read . 18 Nov 2019
So, you need to check your time period of repayment, how urgent it is for you to borrow and the borrowing rate. (Photo: iStock)
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Have long-term horizon for Ulips

1 min read . 28 Oct 2019
You can invest your monthly savings in a combination of instruments (Photo: iStock)

Increase savings when income rises

1 min read . 14 Oct 2019
HUF is allowed to contribute to the PPF account for its members (Photo: iStock)

HUF can’t open its own PPF account

1 min read . 07 Oct 2019
PPF account cannot be opened jointly

PPF account cannot be opened jointly

1 min read . 10 Sep 2019