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Anita Dube; and South African artist Sue Williamson’s performance resulted in ‘119 Deeds Of Sale’, an installation on the slave trade between Kerala and Cape Town. Photo: Kochi-Muziris Biennale

The biennale as an essay

5 min read . 26 Jan 2019
‘Dhamma Swara’ from Riyas Komu’s ‘Holy Shiver’. Photo: Vadehra Art Gallery, Delhi

The political avatar of art

5 min read . 09 Feb 2018
<br />Tackling Iraq: (clockwise from above) Last Pass in wood; Oil Massage in wood; War Hero in acrylic, inspired by Ahmad Shah Masoud; and Komu at his studio in Borivali, Mumbai (Abhijit Bhatlekar / Mint).<br />

Soccer&#8217;s apprentice

3 min read . 27 Feb 2009
<br />Fallen: Riyas Komu’s Left Leg. <br />

War paint

3 min read . 30 Aug 2008
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3 min read . 09 Aug 2008
<br />Face paint: Komu begins by creating a grid of the face. Photograph: Abhijit Bhatlekar / Mint<br />

Riyas Komu / Artist

1 min read . 09 Aug 2008
Sticks and stones

Sticks and stones

5 min read . 19 Apr 2008
<br />Wood craft:(left) A detail of Tragedy of a Carpenter’s Son III; Undertakers ; and the artist at his suburban studio.<br />

Sticks and stones

5 min read . 18 Apr 2008