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Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Who’s winning the Brexit game?

7 min read . 23 Oct 2016
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Opportunity in P2P lending

4 min read . 02 Dec 2015
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Betting against conventional wisdom

5 min read . 02 Dec 2015
There are strong indications that the Chinese equity rally has become a self-feeding spiral with speculators entering in anticipation of a further rise. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Bear in a China shop

4 min read . 25 May 2015
A woman walks past graffiti in central Athens. After two bailouts and a debt restructuring, Greek sovereign debt is now even higher than it was in 2010 (about 175% of GDP currently vs about 130% in 2010). Photo: AFP <br />

Trading lessons from the European crisis

5 min read . 25 May 2015
The Swiss National Bank’s decision to remove the three-year cap preventing the Swiss franc from appreciating against the euro caused turmoil in the foreign exchange market. Photo: Bloomberg <br />

Lessons from the Swiss franc explosion

5 min read . 30 Jan 2015
Active monetary tightening is a long way off even though the Federal Reserve’s exit from quantitative easing has tempered the amount of vodka in markets’ punchbowl. Photo: iStockphoto<br />

Crystal ball for 2015

5 min read . 26 Dec 2014
The secret of success is ironically becoming a calculating machine in an emotionally driven market. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Negotiating emotionally driven markets

5 min read . 28 Nov 2014