At this price, you will be hard-pressed to find many indoor air purifiers that can cover areas as large as 650 square feet (around 60 square metres). This can be very useful if you want one purifier to take care of cleaning the air of a large hall or even multiple rooms that may be joined together. The Airoshine A3-5 is priced at Rs29,250 (

Some that come close are the Atlanta Healthcare Gama 501 (Rs34,999; around 500 sq.ft) and the Moonbow AP-A8609UIA (Rs36,990; around 500 sq. ft), and only the Philips 3000 Series AC3256/20 (Rs32,995; around 818 sq.ft) surpasses it.

Design: Simple elegance

The Airoshine A3-5 has a conventional design where air gets sucked in from the sides, and clean air emerges from the top. The polycarbonate body is well made, and the enamel white colour finish looks sophisticated. The positioning of the air intake vents on the sides means it can be put right up against a wall, but for optimal performance, it’ll be best to keep some gap on either side of the A3-5 so as to not block the air flow. It is a bit perplexing that the A3-5 does not switch on automatically once the electricity returns after a power cut. There is a display on the front, which shows air quality rating, fan speed and more, in easy to read fonts. Surprisingly, because of the glass above this display, it isn’t always the easiest to read unless you are looking at it straight on.

Performance: Brute power

There are eight levels of purification in the Airoshine A3-5. What immediately stands out is the elementary filter which has an aluminium mesh—this is more robust than traditional net filter, and we had seen this only in the Atlanta Healthcare PureZone 651 (around Rs41,000) thus far. The air is then run through a HEPA and activated carbon layer. Between the two is an anti-bacterial filter, which isolates captured bacteria. After this comes the Molecular sieve filter, which is useful in capturing gases. The Cold catalyst filter has antibacterial properties to help eliminate viruses such as E-Coli and bacterium. The A3-5 also has an ultraviolet sterilization layer which kills remaining viruses and bacteria. The purifier releases what is known as a Negative anion which suppresses dust in the ambient air. The replacement filters cost Rs3,600.

Performance, as expected, is top notch. In a 32.5 sq.m living and dining room hall, this improved the air from a very unhealthy 143μg/m3 of particulate matter (PM) to 20μg/m3 in 30 minutes. When cooking was happening in the adjacent kitchen at the time, the air quality deteriorated to 291μg/m3, which the A3-5 cleaned to 70μg/m3 in less than 10 minutes.

Verdict: Pure power, no complications

The sheer cleaning prowess of the Airoshine A3-5 is undeniable. This is one of the very few purifiers that can single-handedly cover very large indoor spaces. And that makes it all the more worthwhile for large homes. The cost of the replacement filters is also an added attraction. If purchased separately, the HEPA filter costs Rs1,600 while the activated carbon and cold catalyst filter costs Rs1,600 and the elementary filter (also known as pre-filter) is priced at Rs900. If you buy the entire bundle together, that will cost you Rs3,600—all of which is considerably less than most rivals. The only potential shortcoming would be that the Airoshine A3-5 currently does not have the ability to connect with the home Wi-Fi and allow control via a smartphone app—at this price, we would expect that, but that isn’t a deal-breaker for anyone who wants a simple yet powerful indoor air purifier.