After Google, Samsung is exploring new ways to cut down data consumption on Android smartphones. The South Korean company has released a new app called Max for users in India. It is available on the Play Store as a free download but only for Samsung smartphones. The new Galaxy A and Galaxy J series smartphones in India will come pre-loaded with the app.

However, unlike Google’s Datally app which is more of a data management app, Samsung’s new app Max comes with more powerful and effective data saving tools. Inspired by the now discontinued Opera Max app, Samsung Max not only identifies the apps responsible for wasting most data, but also strips them off resource intensive elements which require more data to load.

The app comes with a data saving mode, which works on the lines of Datally and tracks the data consumption pattern of all the apps to identify the ones which use more data. Users can block these apps from using data when they are in the background and not in use.

What makes the Samsung Max better than the Google app is its ability to minimise data consumption of apps in the foreground. For this, the data saving mode automatically compresses images, videos, audio files, and webpages in real time. It works with all video and music streaming apps. This means apps with videos and high resolution images will load faster than before.

To compress the data, Samsung Max connects the users’ device to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and then sends the data to their servers where they are compressed and then send back to the user’s device.

Connection to VPN makes the device more secure and also protects users’ privacy when connected to an open or public WiFi network. The app diverts all traffic to and from the smartphone through an encrypted tunnel. This not only keeps the data secure, but also hides the DNS (Domain Name System) and the corresponding IP address, keeping the users’ identity hidden.

The only limitation of the Samsung Max is that it works only with Samsung smartphones, unlike Datally, which can be downloaded and used with any Android device.