Gaming keyboards and mouse accessories can be pretty expensive especially when you buy them separately. Rapoo is offering a wired gaming keyboard and mouse combo called V110 for just Rs3,499. It is available on

We take a look at the key highlights of the combo which make it such a compelling addition to the gaming segment.


The V110 has all the makings of full-fledged gaming keyboard. It is big, offers a num pad and has backlit RGB keys. The keyboard base and the frame are made of plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap or poorly built at any point. The palm rest below the keys looks spacious and feels comfortable while typing.

The RGB (red, green, blue) backlighting gives the keyboard a funky look and also makes the keys easily identifiable in the dark. Users can increase/decrease the brightness of the lights and make them blink quickly/slowly from the keyboard itself. The options to play with the lights and colours are a bit limited compared to some of the high-end gaming keyboard such as Corsair K95 (Rs17,288).

The keys have a tall dome shaped design, typical of mechanical keyboards, but make less noise when pressed. The top of the keys are slightly curved for a comfortable typing experience. There is ample space between them which minimises the chances of accidentally pressing the neighbouring keys.

Particular keys such as WASD keys, which are used as default navigation keys in most games, are highlighted with just an arrow and do not really stand out.

To ensure the keyboard stays firmly rooted to the table, Rapoo has added four rubber pads at the base. Users can also adjust the height of the keyboard using the flexible stand at the base.

The keyboard works with all Windows PCs via USB and doesn’t require a battery to power up. Users don’t have to install a software either.

The keys are tactile and responsive during games. We didn’t notice any lags while using any of the navigation or other action keys while playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PBUG).


The other component in the V110 combo is the backlit optical gaming mouse. It is big in size and provides ample space for the palm rest.

When connected to the PC via the USB cable, the top panel lights up. Users can change the colour of the light by rolling the scroll wheel. The rubber finish on the side panel easily picks up dust and dirt, but feels grippy.

Though the mouse has an ambidextrous design, two of the customisable buttons are placed on the left side, which can be accessed easily only by right-handed users.

The right and left click button are wide and responsive. One doesn’t have to press with the tip of the finger and the slightest push can get things done.

The mouse also offers a DPI (dots per inch) button on top, allowing users to switch from lower DPI of 1000 for regular work to higher DPI of 3200 with a single tap. The higher the DPI, the quicker the mouse responds to the slightest of hand movements in games, allowing gamers to react to in-game situations quickly.

At the given price point, the V110 is a treat for PC gamers who do not wish to spend a lot of money on a gaming keyboard and mouse. At a similar price, you can get Logitech’s gaming combo G100S (Rs3,095), but its keyboard doesn’t support backlighting and looks very understated, while the mouse supports max DPI of 2500.