New Delhi: Buying TVs with a screen size of 75-inch or more can be an expensive affair. This is where Epson’s new projector EH-TW650 can come in handy. It can project a screen of up to 300 inches and is a lot easier on the pocket with a price tag of 58,999.

Design: The EH-TW650 is quite compact. One can easily carry it in a regular backpack to watch a football match or a movie at a friend’s place. The control panel is placed at the top, the multiple connectors are lined up at the back, while the projector lens is placed on the left side of the front panel. To protect the lens against damage, Epson has added a sliding lens cover. The heat vent is on the right of the front panel and sitting next to it can get really hot and noisy (up to 37 decibels), unless it is on eco mode (that reduces lamp brightness and fan noise).

Easy to use: The projector comes with a remote so one can adjust the brightness or volume from anywhere in the room.

Graphic: Sarvesh Kumar Sharma/Mint
Graphic: Sarvesh Kumar Sharma/Mint

However, to correct the horizontal keystroke, adjust the screen size and get the focus right, users will have to go back to the slide-based controllers built on top of the projector. Setting up the projector is also simple—one can start screening within seconds of plugging in a laptop using the HDMI cable or with a smartphone using the MHL connector.

One can also plug in an Amazon Stick and stream HD content directly.

Performance: Powered by the 3LCD technology, the EH-TW650 can project a large screen at a resolution of 1,920x1,080 pixels and peak brightness of up to 3,100 lumens from a distance of 6.8 metres.

Even in a dimly lit room the screen looks vivid and crisp.

Cost of ownership: The Epson EH-TW650 offers a much larger screen than a big TV and costs a lot less too, but it uses up more power. On normal mode, it consumes up to 298 watts of power, which is twice of what most big-screen LCD TVs use. Its lamp lasts up to 7,500 hours on eco mode; however, replacing it will cost only 4,899.