San Francisco: A decade after Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone, Apple Inc. on Tuesday is set to introduce a completely redesigned top-of-the-line iPhone, expected to be called the iPhone X, along with two other new smartphones—iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus—as well as a big update to the Apple Watch and a higher-definition Apple TV.

The splashy launch event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s new Apple Park “spaceship" campus—widely considered to be the final product designed by Jobs, who died in 2011.

Here are the latest updates from the Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theater:

■ The iPhone X will be available in 64GB and 256GB. Prices start at $999. The phone can be pre-ordered from 27 October, but won’t be available until 3 November. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Apple announces its own charging mat, the AirPower, which can charge all of its devices, including the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, AirPods, and Apple Watch. The AirPower charger won’t be available when the iPhone X ships. It’s coming in 2018, Apple says. (Bloomberg)

■ The battery life of the iPhone X lasts two hours more than the current iPhones. (Bloomberg)

The iPhone X also has an upgraded front camera: It can take Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting photos. (Bloomberg)

■ Apple shares down 0.8% after iPhone X unveil, Snap gains to trade 2.1% higher. (Bloomberg)

■ The iPhone X has dual 12-megapixel cameras which have the same set of features as the iPhone 8 Plus, but faster aperture and has dual optical image stabilization which means potentially better low light photos than the predecessors could offer. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Federighi says Apple has been working with Snap on deeper AR integration inside of the SnapChat app. He’s showing off filters over his face in the app via the new iPhone’s 3-D Face ID sensor. (Bloomberg)

The Apple iPhone X features an edge-to-edge display, no home button, Face ID that works in the dark, and enhanced AR capabilities. Photo: Bloomberg
The Apple iPhone X features an edge-to-edge display, no home button, Face ID that works in the dark, and enhanced AR capabilities. Photo: Bloomberg

■ New feature on the iPhone X: You can swipe across the bottom of the screen to go between apps. Control Center has been moved to a swipe down gesture from the top right corner. (Bloomberg)

■ Federighi shows how applications like the web and photos look on the edge-to-edge display and what video looks like in full-screen landscape mode. The video is the same HDR technology as on the new Apple TV. (Bloomberg)

■ Apple Senior VP Craig Federighi takes the stage to do a live demo of the iPhone X. (Vishal Shankar, Livemint)

■ If you love Emojis, you’ll probably like animojis. These are new emojis that you can be used in iMessage which will visually get your message across! (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ The iPhone X has a TrueDepth camera system includes the front camera, 3-D sensor and infrared sensor. Schiller says Face ID works in the dark as well. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Driven by iOS11, swiping up on the screen enables app drawer and multitasking. Siri, which used the home button, now uses the larger button on the side for the same functionality apart from voice commands. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Schiller announces Face ID to unlock the iPhone: facial recognition to replace the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. (Bloomberg)

■ You can also swipe for multitasking. Siri has been moved to the new side button, as expected. (Bloomberg)

■ The iPhone X has tap-to-wake: Touch the screen to wake it up. And no more home button. You swipe up from the bottom to go home. (Bloomberg)

■ The new screen on the iPhone X has HDR colors, Dolby Vision, 3D Touch, and True Tone technology for adjusting the temperature based on your surroundings.

■ The cameras on the back still have a raised casing that juts out slightly. The iPhone X has a “Super Retina Display"—an OLED screen. It’s a 5.8-inch display with 2436 x 1125 resolution, the most dense screen ever in an iPhone. (Bloomberg)

■ It’s pronounced “iPhone Ten"’ but spelled with an X. (Bloomberg)

■ Tim Cook: We have “one more thing.", Tim Cook announces the iPhone X.

■ The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be available in 64GB and 256GB variants, prices starting $699. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Apple has not announced its own wireless charging station for the iPhone. Instead, it’s relying on third-party charging pads. (Bloomberg)

■ Schiller says wireless charging is coming to the iPhone. The new iPhones will use the Qi open wireless standard. Many stores and cars have these charging hubs already built in. (Bloomberg)

■ Augmented Reality (AI) is in focus on the new iPhones. The cameras are caliberated with new gyro and accelerometers. With the new A11 Bionic chip, the processing performance of AR apps is significantly better than before. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Schiller now talking about how augmented reality plays into the new iPhone cameras, which are calibrated for AR. There are also new motion sensors and features in the A11 Bionic chip to optimize for ARKit. (Bloomberg)

■ Portrait Lighting is coming to the iPhone 8 Plus. The feature can light up parts of a person’s face while a picture is being taken. It’s found in the Portrait mode tab in the Camera app. The feature will ship in beta with the new phone. (Bloomberg)

■ Schiller says the iPhone 8 has the “highest quality video capture ever in a smartphone." He says a new video encoder allows for faster frame rates, resulting in better quality. (Bloomberg)

■ The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are 25% louder. (Bloomberg)

■ The Apple iPhone 8 now has a 12 MP camera, with deeper pixels and a new colour filter. Apple has added optical image stabilisation to the camera software. The larger iPhone 8 Plus continues with dual cameras also getting the advantage of the new filters and pixel algorithms. (Vishal Mathur/Livemint)

■ The iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus are building on the predecessors design with glass at the back too. There is an updated display which is brighter and richer. Inside, there is the new A11 Bionic chip, which is a six-core processor, significantly faster than before. The graphics speed up machine learning tasks too. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have the first ever Apple-designed GPU. It’s 30% faster than the older iPhone GPUs. This move comes after Apple wound down its relationship with Imagination Technologies. (Bloomberg)

■ The new iPhones have a chip called the A11 Bionic. It’s a 6 core chip with two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. (Bloomberg)

■ The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have glass backs in silver, space gray and a new gold finish. On the front, the phones look like last year’s models. (Bloomberg)

■ “This is a huge step forward for iPhone," says Apple executive Phil Schiller as he takes the stage to talk about the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. “They improve on everything." (Bloomberg)

■ Apple announces the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. (Bloomberg)

■ “We have huge iPhone news for you today," says Cook. (Bloomberg)

■ The iPhone lineup is getting the much awaited refresh. Tim Cook is now talking about the evolution of the iPhone before the actual unveil. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ The Apple iPhone is next.

■ The Apple TV 4K will cost $179, available for order Sept. 15, shipping Sept. 22.

■ The updated Apple TV app will also be coming to the iPad and iPhone.

■ No streaming service announcement yet for the Apple TV 4K. Apple is still relying on iTunes rentals to compete with platforms such as Amazon Video and Netflix. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Apple TV 4K was expected this year, and Apple has now announced the device. It will be right at home as an accessory for your 4K HDR televisions. It supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10 HDR standards. The interface on the TvOS has been redone for the higher resolution screens. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Cue says there’s a 4K HDR projector in the theater. He’s demonstrating Apple TV 4K live on stage. Cue says the Apple TV software has been redesigned in 4K. He’s playing the new Spiderman’’ movie live in 4K. (Bloomberg)

■ Apple Senior VP Eddy Cue takes the stage to talk about 4K video quality coming to Apple TV. He shows off 4K video content but says High Dynamic Range (HDR) video is the bigger change. HDR shows sharper colour and details. (Bloomberg)

■ Cook announces 4K video. It’s called “Apple TV 4K."

■ Cook turns to Apple TV now.

■ Cook showing a new Apple Watch Series 3 ad about streaming music without being connected to an iPhone. ““This is a big moment for Apple Watch," he says. (Bloomberg)

■ Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 3 begin 15 September, shipping starts 22 September. No word on India availability and which operators it’ll work with. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Apple Watch Series 3 prices—Non-Cellular: $329; Cellular $399. Apple Watch Series 1 to be available at $249.

■ Apple Watch Series 3 has 18 hours of battery life. (Bloomberg)

■ Williams introduces new Watch Series 3 colours: gold, silver and space gray. There’s also new band styles and watch faces from Hermes. There’s also a new gray ceramic model. The company added white ceramic last year. (Bloomberg)

■ Garmin shares pare gains as Apple Watch now has altimeter. (Bloomberg)

■ Williams calls a colleague from the Apple Watch team live on stage from the device. They’re showing a live feed of an engineer in the middle of the ocean, paddle boarding. (Bloomberg)

■ Williams says that even with cellular, it’s the same size as the Series 2, non-cellular models. This is a big deal engineering-wise. Williams is going to make a call live on stage from the new Watch.

■ As expected, the newest Apple Watch updates bring LTE on to the wearable itself, which means it can be used extensively without your iPhone in your pocket. Maps, messages etc all work over the cellular network on the watch. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Apple Watch will now allow streaming of more than 40 million songs, with the LTE connectivity. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ In terms of the design, it looks very similar, except for the red crown. There is a new dual core processor, which now enables Siri voice on the Apple Watch. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Williams: “This has been our vision from the beginning." He’s referring to the Watch getting cellular connectivity. It can make and take calls, send text messages and use Siri. (Bloomberg)

■ Williams says the LTE Apple Watch uses your iPhone’s number. It also works with Maps, third-party apps like WeChat, and Find my Friends. (Bloomberg)

■ Williams unveils the next Apple Watch, playing video shot under water showing a surfer taking a call from the ocean. It’s called Apple Watch Series 3. (Bloomberg)

■ Williams announces the Apple Heart Study, a program that collects Apple Watch data to monitor arrhythmia. Fitbit Shares Pare Gains as Apple Touts Heart Monitor Changes. (Bloomberg)

■ WatchOS 4 rolls out on 19 September. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ The newest WatchOS update is getting more activity tracking features. The heart rate sensor will now be more enhanced, and the app within the Apple Watch will now show you recovery, resting and workout heart rate data. The Watch will now notify you in case it detects high heart rate, while you may not necessarily be doing stressful physical activity. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Fossil Shares Dip as Apple Claims Top Position in Watches. (Bloomberg)

■ Williams is going over the watchOS 4 features announced in June: new workout and activity apps, new features for swimmers, and the ability to connect to gym equipment. (Bloomberg)

■ Cook: “We have some great news about the future of Apple Watch." COO Jeff Williams takes the stage to unveil the new model, which we’re expecting will connect to high-speed LTE networks. (Bloomberg)

■ While Cook says Apple has overtaken Rolex, he doesn’t cite metric or source. UBS analysts in June said Apple still trailed Rolex, but that might be by revenue rather than units. (Bloomberg)

■ Tim Cook says sales of the Apple Watch surged 50% year-on-year to become the number one watch in the world, beating Swiss watchmakers like Rolex and Omega. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

Tim Cook unveiling the Apple Watch during the Apple event in the Steve Jobs Theater on Tuesday. Photo: Vishal Mathur/Mint
Tim Cook unveiling the Apple Watch during the Apple event in the Steve Jobs Theater on Tuesday. Photo: Vishal Mathur/Mint

■ Ahrendts has left the stage after her presentation. In comes Tim Cook again. Starts talking about the Apple Watch. (Bloomberg)

■ Ahrendts is previewing some new Apple Stores, including the 5th Avenue location in New York (which will keep the Glass Cube). She also says there will be a revamped Paris store and a Milan location. She’s also discussing a store taking over the Carnegie Library in Washington. (Bloomberg)

■ Ahrendts unveils the new “Town Square" concept for Apple Stores last year, showing a short video about Today at Apple, the company’s new-events program at its larger stores. (Bloomberg)

■ Ahrendts is going over new additions to Apple Stores, including outside plazas for their bigger locations (the new San Francisco branch has one) and seasonal window shopping-like walls with accessories. (Bloomberg)

■ Angela Ahrendts up on stage now to give an update on Apple Retail. It’s her first time on stage at an Apple event. Ahrendts is the former Burberry CEO who left for Apple in 2014. (Bloomberg)

■ Cook says the Apple Park visitor center has an Apple Store. Visitors will be able to do ARKit-based tours of the campus. (Bloomberg)

■ Tim Cook is taking about the Apple Park. This will be the new office complex for Apple Inc. It focuses on environment too, and was converted from a sea of asphalt into a complex that now has over 9000 trees. Powered by 100% renewable energy. It will become operational later this year. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Apple CEO Tim Cook is on stage delivering the keynote address. A potrtait of Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs is on the screen in the background. “It is only fitting that he (Jobs) opened this theatre", says Tim Cook. (Vishal Mathur, Livemint)

■ Apple Event 2017 begins in Steve Jobs Theater.

■ A few of the Apple universe’s great and good spotted at the Steve Jobs Theater: Lord Foster (architect behind the new Apple Park); cultural polymath Stephen Fry; industrial design chief Richard Howarth; hardware SVP Dan Riccio; chips SVP Johny Srouji; and Laurene Powell Jobs, to name but a few. (Bloomberg)

■ The Steve Jobs Theater has started filling up. Apple Event begins in 20 minutes.

The Steve Jobs Theater. Photo: Vishal Mathur/Mint
The Steve Jobs Theater. Photo: Vishal Mathur/Mint

■ Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spotted at the Steve Jobs Theater. The crowds have started swarming the Apple Park.

■ The Apple iPhone X, and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are expected to come with a steep price tag. The top-end model will cost $899, though some analysts expect it to cross the $1,000 threshold. That compares to a top base price of $769 for the iPhone 7 Plus prior.

■ Apple hopes the new high-end phone iPhone X, will silence critics who say the company has lost its innovation edge. It features an edge-to-edge display with richer colours and facial recognition to unlock the phone without the need for a fingerprint reader or physical home button.

■ The two other models, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, are intended to update the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. They could also include some new features, such as a glass back similar to the iPhone 4 that would help facilitate wireless charging.

■ Apple is also expected to reveal a new Apple TV that operates at higher resolution than its previous set. The higher resolution could play into Apple’s efforts to court Hollywood, which have shifted into a higher gear recently with two high-profile executives hired away from Sony.

■ Apple is expected to reveal more details about the HomePod, its voice-activated home speaker that competes against Inc’s Echo devices and the Google Home speaker. Apple announced the HomePod in June and said it will ship in December.

■ A new version of the Apple Watch is on the anvil. Previous versions of the watch had to be tethered to a user’s phone in order to receive send or receive data, but the new version is expected to connect to wireless data networks just like a phone.

■ The new products and the holiday shopping season that follows are the most important for Apple in years. The company has sold more than 1.2 billion iPhones over the past decade and ushered in the era of mobile computing, but last year suffered a substantial decline in revenue as many consumers rejected the iPhone 7 as being too similar to the iPhone 6.

■ While Apple will unveil the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Apple Watch, and the Apple TV in San Francisco today, one product will not move the company’s financials like the iPhone, which accounted for 63% of Apple’s $215 billion in sales last year. Even if Apple crushes rivals like Fitbit Inc and Garmin in smartwatch sales, Apple remains the iPhone company.

Vishal Mathur of Livemint was in San Francisco as a guest of Apple.