Energy Sistem, a Spanish electronics company known for making affordable sound devices, recently launched the Energy Sistem sports3, a pair of sports earphones. The earphones are priced at 3,199 and available online via Amazon as well as offline retailers. Given the price point and specifications, the sport3 earphones are aimed directly at JBL’s Endurance Sprint pair of sports earbuds— only without the touch controls.

The earbuds follow the “wired-wireless" design— a pair of Bluetooth earbuds consisting of a single cord that connects the two ends, without a headphone jack. The design is pretty convenient, as the cord sits on your shoulders and the end of the earphones have magnets, so you can snap them together over your chest when you aren’t using them. This makes losing them a little less likely.

Since these are sports earbuds, they are bulkier than normal wireless earbuds and are made out of a very grippy material (my bet is on silicone) which makes sure they securely fit inside your ears. The buds come with three tips for different earhole sizes. The earphones are sweat-proof and IPX4 water-resistant. The fit is good, but due to the heft, they are difficult to wear for extended periods of time. They come in two colour options—silver and yellow. The colour variant I received was yellow, which is fluorescent, so I couldn’t pull it off in my office, although they might look good if you’re in working out in a gym.

The sport3 earbuds come with Qualcomm’s aptX technology which delivers High Definition audio, only if you have a compatible smartphone enabled with the same. aptX allows better dynamic range and hence sound quality as it supports 48kHz/24bit LPCM audio data and can enhance audio performance, even when applied to standard resolution content.

This is pretty useful in the current day scenario as we stream a lot of music over the internet, which has to inevitable undergo compression. The effect can be noticed especially when listening to songs with several instruments or even complex EDM tracks with several layers of sampled tracks. Make sure you’ve a compatible smartphone if you wish to use this feature though. The earphones do struggle a bit in the lows, but don’t sound muddy.

The earbuds can be charged via a microUSB slot on the side of the earbuds, the lid of which has waterproofing. You can turn on the device, navigate through songs and increase the volume via the three buttons present on the right bud.

My main issue with the sport3 is the heft it carries. It is not advisable to use this under circumstances that require you to remove and insert earbuds repeatedly, as it will take you quite a while to do so. But hey, at least you don’t accidentally skip tracks like you would on a JBL Endurance Sprint thanks to the touch pad on its right earbud.