New Delhi: The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas has typically been the Mecca for tech gadgets and trends. Not so any longer. CES 2019, for instance, is showcasing a bunch of iterative consumer technology products. Here’s why some of the top product announcements at CES 2019 have failed to excite us:

LG’s Rollable OLED TV

LG might call this the TV of tomorrow, but it’s more like the TV from yesterday. That’s because while the company launched the first mainstream television with a rollable OLED screen this year, it originally debuted at CES 2018, which in turn was an expansion of the rollable OLED technology the company showcased in 2016.

This year’s TV is called the LG Signature TV OLED R and its screen disappears into the base when not in use. While that is impressive technology indeed, we knew it was coming for years now.

Samsung’s micro-LED TV

Like LG’s rollable OLED, Samsung’s new micro-LED TV doesn’t really tickle our fancy either. That’s because the original version of this was announced at CES 2018. Known as “The Wall", the micro-LED TV was too big for any household at the time. So, Samsung has now made it smaller, enough to fill an average household. The new micro-LED TV comes in 75-inch screen size, which is more suited to mainstream use. What this really means is that micro-LED technology (which has been around for a few years) is finally ready for mainstream use, though it’s nowhere close to being affordable just yet.

Micro-LED is a technology similar to Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED), though unlike OLEDs, it doesn’t use organic compounds to create light. Micro-LED offers the same picture quality as OLEDs, but is said to be brighter and overcomes OLED’s one big weakness— burn in (a display’s tendency to retain images, thereby forming discolouration in certain areas and affecting the overall viewing experience).

Airplay 2 and iTunes on other TVs

This is perhaps the biggest announcement from CES 2019. Apple is going to offer an iTunes Movies and TV shows app for Samsung’s smart TVs, while Airplay 2, Apple’s proprietary Bluetooth-like technology, is coming to multiple new televisions.

It marks the first time that Apple is offering these services outside of its own devices— iPhones, iPads and Macs, which is a big deal. However, given Apple’s recent announcements about slowdown in sales of iPhones, drop in revenues and record-breaking increase in service revenues, it’s not an extraordinary move.

Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone

If you follow technology news, you have heard about Samsung’s forthcoming foldable smartphone. The device is apparently called the Galaxy Fold and it was apparently showcased to Samsung’s partners at CES 2019.

However, Samsung doesn’t seem ready to make this really public just yet. According to reports, the phone was showcased behind closed doors, which is typically a sign that it isn’t ready for public viewing and sales just yet.